Click to enlargeZeagle Quick Deploy Signal System

  • Surface signal device
  • Neon yellow on one side neon orange on the other for maximum visibility
  • 5 feet long (60 inches) with a 7 inch circumference for highest visibility
  • Inflatable with mouthpiece
  • Comes in a zip-on mount pouch
  • Thumb reel with high visibility dacron line
  • Includes brass snap on the end of the line
  • Works with all Zeagle BC's - plus many other BC's by other manufactures in many positions with plastic ties or barrel screws
  • AVAILABLE SIZES: 3.25 Delrin Reel with 115 feet of nylon line or 3 Stainless Steel Reel with 65´ of hi-viz line
Zeagle Quick Deploy Deluxe Signal System with Zip-On Mount Pouch - Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensators BC Accessories.

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