Click to enlargeSherwood Vision Air / Nitrox Integrated Computer

  • Free Computer Download Cable Included
  • Full Function Air Integrated Air/Nitrox Dive Computer
  • Technologically advanced yet elegantly simple
  • A powerful air-integrated dive computer with an impressive list of features
  • 3-Axis Digital Compass with Full Tilt Compensation
  • High pressure quick disconnect comes standard with new locking-style quick disconnect hose fitting
  • One of the industry's easiest to use thanks to its intuitive menu system 3-button user interface and well organized display
  • Advanced features for today's technically-savvy diver yet comes out-of-the-box-simple for new or less frequent diver
  • Dual Algorithm allowing you to choose the decompression algorithm that best suits your diving needs without compromising safety
  • Patented Air Time Remaining Algorithm provides calculations in real time allowing accurate gas management
  • Deep Stop with Countdown Timer
  • Intuitive user-interface with 'Step Back' allows for easy settings preview and for settings to be changed while viewing the menus
  • Customize your dive mode display with multiple data options
  • Confirm common pre-dive settings - defined by the user
  • User Replaceable Battery with Data Retention maintains settings and calculations
  • Firmware Update Ready
  • Displays your tank pressure remaining air time and no-deco time for at-a-glance monitoring of your data
  • Ability to use up to 4 different Nitrox mixes up to 100% 02.- each with individual PO2 set points
  • 24 Dive log book: Stores profiles for later recall
  • Deco and safety stop warnings (audio and visual)
  • Button or Water Activation
  • Audible & Flashing LED alarm
  • Backlit Display for Night Diving
  • Air Nitrox or Gauge Modes
  • Repetitive dive planning
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment to 14000 feet / 4267 meters
  • Temperature (Surface and Depth)
  • User changeable Imperial/Metric
  • BATTERY: 3V CR2450 Lithium Battery - user changeable

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