Zeagle Octo Z Breathable Inflator - Black with Yellow Buttons

  • Nitrox compatible to 40% (The recreational limits of Nitrox)
  • Dive with one less hose
  • Inflator integrated secondary air source
  • Bright hi viz yellow accents for easy identification
  • Corrugated hose disconnect (So Octo-Z can easily be stored with regulator)
  • The Octo-Z II is positioned at the end of the Buoyancy Compensator hose
  • Eliminating hose clutter because you use the same hose to supply both the power inflator and your alternate air source also known as safe-2nd or Octo
  • Balanced inflation valve for easy use and precise BC fill-rate control
  • Corrugated hose rinse connection (Allows a garden hose to be connected to the BC for easy effective rinsing)
  • Compatible with all BC's except by Aeris Aqua-Lung Cressi Dacor Hollis Oceanic SeaQuest TUSA models with the A.P.A. Active Purge Assist inflator system US Divers and XS Scuba
  • COLORS: Black with Yellow Buttons or Yellow with Black Buttons
Zeagle Octo Z II Breathable Inflator - Scuba Diving Octos/Spare Air .


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