Click to enlargeZeagle Deluxe Signal Tube (SMB)

  • Surface signal device
  • Bright Hi-Viz orange
  • 7' wide x 60' (5 feet) tall for highest visibility (17.78 cm x 152.4 cm)
  • Inflatable with mouthpiece
  • Easily attachable snap clip
  • A unique feature of the Deluxe is that the diver can fill the tube at depth by holding the open bottom of the tube over a regulator mouthpiece while the regulator is being purged. The air will enter the tube through a large Duck-bill valve at bottom. When the tube is sufficiently filled with air the diver can release it to the surface (while tied to a line) a built-in Over Pressure Relief Valve allows the tube to ascend without rupturing.
Zeagle Deluxe Signal Tube (SMB) - Scuba Diving Safety/First Aid Safety Gear.

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